Helping those in difficulty late at night

Friday and Saturday nights in Cambridge can be quite a buzz: many pubs and clubs stay open into the small hours with at times thousands of people, mostly young adults, enjoying the party atmosphere. The venues can be packed out; the streets often crowded as people make their way between venues.
Picture1There is a lot to celebrate – the venues provide a relatively safe place for people to meet their friends and dance the night away. But misuse of alcohol and sometimes easy access to recreational drugs can turn what could be a safe and fun evening into distress, sickness, anti-social behaviour and even violence.
Taken together with spiking of drinks, broken glass on the streets, passions spilling over, some who come out intent on getting drunk for whatever reason, a dress code very much for indoors, a streetlife community drawn in by the potential for donations in the small hours, the presence of some lonely souls and those with not the best of motives, the late night streets can be a potent cocktail at times.
Street Pastors are the churches' response to the difficulties that can arise late at night in the city centre.
Drawn from local Christian churches, Street Pastor volunteers patrol the streets in the centre of Cambridge from 10pm to 4am each Friday and Saturday night to help those in difficulty without judgement or discrimination. Well trained and fully equipped, the Street Pastors aim to provide a listening ear, practical help and Christian concern for all people, whether upset or sick or needing someone to talk to. Our sister project Nightlite (based in St Columbas Church Downing Street) also provides a safe place for people to wait, recover, find a listening ear or just chill out. 

Please browse this site to find out what we do, how you can help, ways of supporting us financially, how we are organised and how to get in contact.  For latest news, please look here.

Keep safe, and God Bless!